Vadim Rogovskiy

New York, NY

Vadim Rogovskiy is a serial tech entrepreneur and investor, co-founder and CEO of the industry-leading fashion tech startup 3DLOOK, and partner at Geek Ventures.

Currently, Vadim serves as a co-founder and CEO of 3DLOOK, the industry-leading fashion tech startup founded in 2016. Under his leadership, the company has raised nearly $15M from global investors and received numerous prestigious industry awards. Vadim is a member of 40 under 40 Retail Technologies List.

Vadim's extensive entrepreneurial background grants him a unique perspective point when it comes to the growth and evolution of prosperous startups. He acts as a mentor for the portfolio founders of Geek Ventures, providing valuable insights on B2B Sales, Hiring, and Strategy.

Vadim loves traveling and has been to around 50 countries already, mountain climbing, and when he has free time - he loves to do boxing or play tennis with fellow founders or investors.