How we invest, make decisions and start making your dreams a reality

How we make decisions

What stages do you consider for the investment?

We invest across pre-seed/seed. We invest as early as an idea stage and as late as $1.5M ARR.

What sectors does Geek Ventures invest in?

We are sector-agnostic within tech. We invest in B2B SaaS, B2C software, hardware, and deeptech.

What geographies do you consider?

- We only invest in C-corporations in the US, and only in companies for which the US is a key market.  
- We are looking for founders that are immigrants to the US (from anywhere in the world). In exceptional cases we consider future immigrants.
- Within the US, we consider all localities.

What is a typical check size for Geek Ventures?

We invest $100K-$500K as the first check, and may follow-on up to $3M in the most promising startups.

Can Geek Ventures lead the round?

We typically don’t lead priced rounds; we can kickstart SAFE rounds.

What is your investment process and how long does it take?

- Application: Startup submits an application / we receive a warm intro.
- Review (0-2 weeks): Evaluation of potential fit.
- First call: We schedule the first call to get to know each other.
- Due diligence (1-3 weeks): In-depth analysis of the startup's team, market, competition, financials, unit economics, achievements.
- Investment committee (1 week): Discussion of the opportunity in front of the investment committee. 
- Further discussion (1-3 weeks): We ask additional questions and schedule another call if needed.
- Offer: If we're interested, we make an offer.

How should I get in touch with Geek Ventures?

Fill out the form via the link.

What makes Geek Ventures different?

a. We have exceptionally strong operator experience - Ihar’s AI & engineering leadership background, alongside Vadim’s decade of experience as a serial venture-backed founder creates a unique dynamic duo.
b. We operate with agility and flexibility.
c. We accept cold reach out. We are very active - we invest in 1-2 new companies every month.
d. We have a strong community of founders and investors.
e. Anyone who becomes a member of our portfolio gets to benefit immediately from our network and connections. For example, in one case our $100k check led to several million dollars invested through our introductions.

What is your value add?

We help our immigrant founders become experts in fundraising in the US. We connect the founders with the most relevant investors and educate them on how to pitch and negotiate. Often our $100k check is followed by $1M+ of investments through our introductions.

We are on the founders’ side when they negotiate term sheets for later rounds with lead investors; bringing lots of experience and battle scars to help the founders know how to get the best possible deal.
We run multiple communities; starting with our most close-knit community of Geek Ventures portfolio founders, and all the way to our extended community for which we host regular founder-investor events in NYC, SF, and Lisbon.

We work with many partner organizations that provide discounts and preferential services to our portfolio companies.

Our unique LP base is a great resource for our founders.

How will Geek Ventures support me in future financings?

Geek Ventures is a long-term partner. We are focused on connecting our founders with investors that can participate in any future financings.

We also do follow-on investments in the best companies in our portfolio.

How do you help your companies hire?

We partner with a top recruiting firm A-Players, that provides a discount to our portfolio companies.

Where are your offices?

We are fully remote, with team members based in New York and Kyiv.

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