Our story

Built by Immigrants,
Investing in Immigrants

Ihar Mahaniok, an immigrant engineering leader with over 20 years of experience building code and machine learning models for startups and conglomerates, founded Geek Ventures in 2021 after seeing the difficulties immigrant entrepreneurs faced when trying to raise capital and make connections within the U.S. venture-capital ecosystem. Prior to Geek Ventures, Mahaniok invested in notable unicorns as an angel investor including Instacart, PandaDoc, People.ai, Airbyte, and Jeeves at pre-seed and seed stage, and hundreds of other successful companies.

Vadim Rogovskiy joined Geek Ventures in 2021 as a Partner. He is an entrepreneur, splitting his time between Series A startup 3DLOOK and Geek Ventures. He brings more than a decade of experience as a serial venture-backed founder to investment decisions and portfolio support.

Geek Ventures founders bring significant operational, entrepreneurial, and leadership experience, enabling them to discover the most talented founder teams.

In 2022, Maks Strukov and Sviata Luhovets joined as Analysts, adding significant analytical & financial expertise, empowering Geek Ventures to go broader and deeper.

Today, Geek Ventures is committed to investing in bold, innovative, and brilliant immigrant entrepreneurs from all over the world. We believe that the challenges immigrants face when coming to a completely new environment nurture resilience and determination. We aspire to become guiding lights for such founders in order to accelerate their integration into the new tech ecosystem.

How we make decisions

Who are we seeking?

We enjoy investing in exceptional founders that  geek out in their category. We are looking for large and fast-growing TAM ($10B+). We come in early - pre/seed and seed (from idea stage to $1.5M ARR). Bold ideas preferred. High scalability is a must.

We are sector-agnostic. Though immigrant founders are our priority, we consider underappreciated US-born founders as well.

What our investment process looks like?

- Application: Startup submits an application.
- Review (0-2 weeks): Evaluation of potential fit.
- First call: We schedule the first call to get to know each other.
- Due diligence (1-3 weeks): In-depth analysis of the startup's team, market, competition, financials, unit economics, achievements.
- Investment committee (1 week): Discussion of the opportunity in front of the investment committee.

What is our value add?

We help our immigrant founders become experts in fundraising in the US. We connect the founders with the most relevant investors and educate them on how to pitch and negotiate. Often our $100k check is followed by $1M+ of investments through our introductions.

We are on the founders’ side when they negotiate term sheets for later rounds with lead investors; bringing lots of experience and battle scars to help the founders know how to get the best possible deal.

We run multiple communities; starting with our most close-knit community of Geek Ventures portfolio founders, and all the way to our extended community for which we host regular founder-investor events in NYC, SF, and Lisbon.

We work with many partner organizations that provide discounts and preferential services to our portfolio companies.

Our unique LP base is a great resource for our founders.

Ihar Mahaniok
Managing Partner

“We only believe  in win-win investments, where we can join amazing founders on their journey and help accelerate it”