Maksym Strukov

Kyiv, Ukraine

Maks is an associate at Geek Ventures, focusing on deal sourcing, screening, and conducting in-depth analyses of prospective startups.

Before joining Geek Ventures, Maks gained experience at Diligent Capital Partners, a Ukrainian mid-market PE/late-stage VC firm. He assisted deal teams through various due diligence stages and contributed to fundraising activities. Notably, Maks was a member of the deal team involved in Preply's Series C round, where DCP was co-leading.

Prior to this, Maks worked as an analyst at a London-based family office, focused on early-stage investments in EU/US startups.

Outside of his professional pursuits, Maks has a passion for watching great movies (my personal recommendation – "12 Angry Men" (1957), hidden gem with eternal relevance). He also enjoys boxing and bike riding. Had “Supreme” in CS:GO during his early uni days :)