Asya Dziuba

Operations Manager
Kyiv, Ukraine

Asya is an Operations Manager at Geek Ventures. She focuses on budgeting, day-to-day activities, resource management, and quality control to ensure that Geek Ventures runs smoothly.

Before joining Geek Ventures, Asya dedicated 10 years to IT recruiting. In her role as a Talent Partner, she successfully facilitated high-impact matches between exceptional technical talents and innovative startups, enriching the IT landscape. She also managed staffing and operational matters for companies in her role as an HR manager.

Asya is enthusiastic about impact-driven tech startups and products that disrupt industries and enhance people’s lives. She balances her professional activity with the role of a mother and also cares for two adopted pets from a shelter. She dreams of a world where people can earn a decent income while doing work they are passionate about and receive the respect they deserve in society.